"The Cameron Effect - 7 Acts of Kindness"

From 9/11 to December 7

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Join the Friday & Saturday Celebrations

Friday   December 7
(Cameron’s Birthday!)
5:00 – 7:00pm
Sheldon Museum of Art
12th & R Streets
Sheldon will be unveiling the Kindness Quilts (made of the Kindness Cards that compassionate people submitted; reporting their good deed and the impact it had on them.)
ALSO:  There will be an opportunity to meet and greet Cameron’s family: Shelley, Paul & Zach Freeman, and the team that partnered with the Cameron Effect – Positivity Matters (Team members are:  Nick Hernandez, founder, Martha Florence, Cathy Behrns, Sheila Stratton, Paul Freeman, Shelley Freeman)

Enjoy Live music of the UNL Chamber Singers, delectable treats, and beverages as we celebrate Cameron’s birthday!

Seeds of Kindness
Saturday   December 8
1:00 – 4:00 PM

A family centered afternoon of music and dance featuring the Suzuki Cellists, Suzuki Strings, and Starstruck Dance Academy.  Take pleasure in the display of the  Kindness Quilts while savoring the seasonal treats provided by Sheldon.

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Thanks to our friends at Sheldon, and all those whose kindnesses made the Kindness Quilts possible.

About Us

The Cameron Effect was started in response to the anger and vengeance that came after a drunk driver killed Cameron Freeman. Instead of negativity, we ask people to do 7 acts of compassion and share your story.

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Shelley and Cameron – happy times during the last family vacation.

The Cameron Effect – 7 Acts of Kindness is partnering with Positivity Matters, an organization dedicated to promoting positive actions and building upon strengths to improve the community.

Personal Experiences Blog

Please share your experiences, especially how doing those acts made you feel. Submit your stories and feelings, and help us change December 7th from a day of sadness to a day of love.

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