Thanks to our friends at Sheldon, and all those whose kindnesses made the Kindness Quilts possible.

The Cameron Effect – 2012

Between 9/11 and December 7, complete 7 acts or thoughts of compassion and forgiveness.  And afterward, share how these actions changed you or your world.One last step is to share your actions and feelings. You can pick up, fill out, and return Kindness Cards in Lincoln, Nebraska, at any Lincoln City Library, Hy-Vee Grocery Store, or at First Plymouth Church, 2000 D Street. These cards will be made into Kindness Quilts and displayed.  (You can create your own Kindness Card from a 3X5 note card, put your own artistic flavor on it and send to the above locations.)

To share how you’re spreading The Cameron Effect, and how those actions make you feel, click on the Personal Experiences Blog link, or if you are in Lincoln, fill out a Kindness Card. They can be picked up and returned at any Lincoln City Library or any Lincoln Hy-Vee Grocery Storyor at First Plymouth Church (20th & D Street) starting 9/11/2012.  They will be made into Kindness Quilts by volunteers and displayed at Hy-Vee, 84th & Holdrege (where Cameron had worked) or at Sheldon Memorial Gallery of Art!

Mom, I think I know what hell is. People make their own Hell right here on earth—like when they are mean to someone and it makes them feel bad inside, that’s their hell…And heaven is in the other way.  When you do something nice, you feel so good. You make up your own heaven, right in your own head.

– Cameron Freeman, 6 years old 

Seeds of Kindness

December 7, 2012 5-7
First Friday Reception

The UNL Chamber Singers will perform a collection of songs on the theme of kindness, including Bach’s Magnificat, “Heaven Haven” by UNL alumnus Kurt Knecht, and “Wanting Memories” by Ysaye Barnwell.

December 8, 2012 1-4
Seeds of Kindness

An afternoon of family-friendly performances feagureing the Suzuki Cellists at 1pm, Suzuki Strings at 2pm, and Starstuck Dance Academy at 3:15 pm. Seasonal treats will be served throughout the afternoon.

“Kindness Quilts,” made with cards created to record acts of kindness will be on display.
The quilts, some of which are embedded with wildflower seeds, will be planted in the spring. Positivity Matters and the Cameron Effect organized the quilt project with logistical support from Frist Plymouth Church, Hy-Vee Stores, KZUM, Lincoln City Libraries, and Sheldon.

Cameron Effect Presentations

We had a kickoff on Sept 11, with a presentation by Detective Jay Armbrister, from Lawrence Kansas.  Det Armbrister investigated the crash that killed Cameron Freeman and injured his three friends on Nov. 23, 2010.  This presentation pieces together the stories of the lives of both Cameron and the drunk driver, Zachary Harrison—both good young men with promising futures. And how one really bad decision of getting behind the wheel when drunk shattered the lives of both, and of so many others. We hope this story will help us all learn about having a plan before we drink so we can prevent this tragic story from happening again.

Shelley Freeman then explained how the movement got its start with a call to NOT go down the road of anger, but instead choose compassion. Nick Hernandez, of Positivity Matters explained what the Cameron Effect – 7 Acts of Kindess season is about this year.

Det. Armbrister will be presenting again to the following audiences:

Southeast Community College

October 17th, Wednesday @ Noon


Lincoln Southeast High School

October 18th, Thursday @ 10:45


Lincoln Southwest High School

October 19th, Friday at 10:00


Lincoln East High School

November 19th, Monday at 1:15


Shelley and Zach will be presenting the Cameron Effect and Forgiveness/Inclusiveness to the

Arts and Humanities School (Lincoln)

October 19 at 1:30

Jay Armbrister will be there to answer questions as well.

Paul and Shelley presented The Cameron Effect and Forgiveness to the Youth Group at First Plymouth Congregational Church on September 26. This group consists of about 75 young people from grades 6 through 12 who requested to participate in the Cameron Effect. They have started their own Kindness Quilt on the wall of their Youth Room. The video of that is in production.

Watch video of 9/11 Kickoff below

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The Kickoff Event was held at
Nebraska Wesleyan University
The Callen Conference Center
7:00 September 11, 2012

The Cameron Effect – 7 Acts of Kindness

9/11 to December 7

The Cameron Effect – 7 Acts of Kindness will launch this year on 9/11 a day known for its violence and destruction, and end on Cameron’s birthday, December 7, also known as Pearl Harbor day, another day of destruction. Let this season be transformed to one of kindness, compassion, and forgiveness. And we hope the Cameron Effect will continue to inspire people to do good every day of the year.

The goal of this movement is for each person to do their part in making the world better. So between 9/11 and Dec 7:

  1. Act: Complete 7 actions or thoughts of compassion, kindness, or forgiveness, especially toward someone to whom you find it difficult to be kind.
  2. Share: Very Important part. If you are in Lincoln, pick up and drop off Kindness Cards from any Lincoln City Library or Lincoln Hy-Vee Grocery store or First Plymouth Church, 20th & D Street—Or you can print your own.
  3. Write about your experience: not necessarily what was done, rather especially how it affected you or the other person.

Feel free to come back to this same web site click on the tab labeled Personal Experiences Blog and (you can get access or help with the internet, at any public library) Carry  the benefits in your heart till the next 7 Acts of Kindness Season.

Print your own card!!

Printable Card