Given a gift by a total stranger

Last night at work I was helping a customer with her groceries. Her final bill was too much so she started to remove packages of meat from her shopping cart. I felt so sad for her but was very enlightened when the woman behind her in line reached into her purse. She said, “someone gave me $10.00 recently and I am happy to ‘pay it forward’ ” and then gave her a $10.00 bill. The woman who received the money had tears in her eyes as she repeatedly thanked the woman for giving her the money to help her out. When the woman who gave the money was next, I rang up her purchases and then I asked her to go to this website and that she would understand what the $10.00 gift I just witnessed meant to me and Cameron’s family. I truly enjoy not only ‘paying it forward’ myself but watching others do it too. I will always remember the tears in the eyes of a woman who was just given a gift by a total stranger. -Sandi


Wow, Sis, you got to witness firsthand another random act of kindness from one stranger to another! I hope the woman who gave the $10 bill does visit this site and leave a comment. Thanks for posting this to the blog and sharing this wonderful moment with us all. Love,
-your sis Sharon 

Monday, January 09, 2012, 22:08:02


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