It is so heartwarming to read everyone’s postings

Here is another amazing news article:

One of the benefactors in the above article was a woman who recently lost her husband and she was doing these acts of kindness in his memory. Makes me think she might have gotten the inspiration from the article on the Cameron Effect in the Woman’s World Magazine!

It is so heartwarming to read everyone’s postings on this blog and the news articles on acts of kindness being done all over the country and the world. The Cameron Effect is spreading and it is a delight!

I finally managed to get out to do some of my random acts of kindness. Today I delivered some of my old Christmas sweaters and vests to a woman’s shelter. The lady at the front desk seemed very touched and thanked me for thinking of them. I also took some donations to an animal shelter thrift store which benefits the homeless animals. I smiled at people as I was going in and out of stores and while I was doing my shopping. I could really feel the tension of the shoppers around me and tried to be as pleasant and patient as possible. Several of the shoppers smiled in return and I could feel their moods lifting as well as my own. I’ve actually been doing these kinds of things for years so I don’t think of them much as random acts of kindness. But I love some of the ideas that I’ve got from other postings (like leaving coupons by products, complimenting cashiers on doing good jobs).

My day is always brightened when I get a smile back from someone that I’ve smiled at or given a compliment to or helped in just a little way! -Sharon Goff


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