The little things in life can make anyone’s day

The little things in life can make anyone’s day. I helped hold a door open after class since I was the first one out and everyone was very pleased about it. A few days ago when it snowed I stayed after work to help my co-workers scrap off their windows. It was overall a team effort but very helpful. I helped an older person cross a huge ice patch so they wouldn’t fall and hurt themselves. They were extremely greatful for that and it made me feel good about myself. When I went home this weekend, I helped my uncle scoop some snow by the garage which took a while but helped him out so he wouldn’t be so exhausted for the rest of the day and he was greatful. At work, I helped off of another hall even though I wasn’t assigned to it for another person because they were so bushed they needed help. It made me feel better about myself knowing I’m more of a helpful person and a good worker. I assisted a person to the toilet who wasn’t able to transfer themselves at the moment and they were happy and even offered money, but I denied it. Lastly, I helped a friend out to study for their math test since they needed help getting explained how to do certain problems and she was super greatful and knew what she was doing then. Overall, all this made me feel great about myself knowing I’m being a better person for everyone. Helping others, to me, is like a drug.

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