I started to believe in miracles

I am an international student, I came from China. I came here with my husband and my daughter two and half years ago. I did know Cameron before. Recently I come to here. These posts remind me my own experience in December 2009. It was the first winter we stayed here. We rent an apartment at downtown. My husband was busy and stayed at his lab all day long. My daughter and I stayed at home. In order to save gas, I brought my daughter to the Children’s museum every day. It was warm there and it was a fan place. I usually put my daughter to her stroller and pushed her there. It was 14 blocks from my apartment to the Children museum. One day of December, when I took my daughter’s stroller on the way to the Children museum, a young man rode a bicycle approached me from the behind and said I gave you a free gift, and then he handed me a Bible and he went ahead. I put the Bible into my bag and I did not open it right now. That night, after my daughter went to sleep, I wanted to read the Bible. I opened it and I was surprised that there was cash in it. This thing really warms my heart. In a harsh weather, in an unfamiliar country, somebody cares about my daughter and me. I started to believe in miracles. This is one the sweetest memory in my life. Now I tried my best to help others. For example, my husband and I sweep the snow for all out neighbors who live in the same build with ours. And I gave money to an old man who I think really need it. Helping others makes me feel so good, and I want to give somebody else miracles too. -Iijing

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