I know that each story can make a difference in a person’s life

Another thing I did this past week on Thursday was that I went and donated blood for the first time. It was amazing because I know that I can save someone by donating blood. I would want to encourage everyone that if you have never donated blood you should totally consider in doing that. I decided that I will be donating blood from now on because I love helping people in anyway I can. Which brings me to my next story I dont have grandperent here in the United States so what I did I went to one of my friends house to his grandma and just bought her flowers and spent time with her than I helped her by feeding her. Grandma was really happy with my visitation and told me to come again that was another good thing I did this week. Also just the other day when it was snowing there was a car that got a little stock and could not get out so I decided that I need to help them so I pulled over and asked the lady if she needs help she didnt have a cellphone to call someone so I just told her that I can help I told her to sit done in the car and I will push her and thats what we did and she got out, I felt really awesome that I helped because I know if someday when I will get stock there will also be that person that will help me. Yesterday what I did I decided to buy one of the girls from my church a Christmas gift since she dont have any family here i know she needs jeans and sweater so thats what I bought her so I know that she will be happy to get that as a Christmas gift. Today there was a little thing that happened too mabye its not too big of a deal but I know its still some good deed, I woke up today in the morning and called one of my friend that moved back to Ukraine and she was telling me how badely she wants Trident Layered gum and they dont have it there, so after I was all done talking to her i went to Sams Club and bought her 2 blocks of Trident Layerd gum and I will send it to her this week I am sure she will be happy when she will receive that. I am soo happy that I was told by my teacher about this blog it was just awesome reading amazing stories of of other people and posting mines I know that each story can make a difference in a person’s life. -Tatyana

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