Wow, reading everyone’s posts is just amazing

Wow, reading everyone’s posts is just amazing…it encouraged me alot and made me stronger!! This past week I had lots of thing happening, the Bigest thing was that My friend lost her mom that was diagnosed with cancer, her mom lives in Ukraine and my friend was not even able to go to Ukraine for her funeral, I have always wanted to help her mom financially for her medical needs but I just never had the chance to send the money over, than Friday I was like ok today I will bring the money and will give it to my frined to send it, but friday was too late and her mom passed away, when i hurd that i was so disappointed in my self that i didn’t make it wtih the money, so I thought I still have to give the money to my friend and she can just buy something for herself and that will be like a gift from her mom. So I told my frined to do that I gave her $50. My friend went and bought I necklace so that she could have that forever as a gift from her mom. When my friend called her dad and told her that she bought a necklace her dad started crying to hard and she asked her dad why you crying and her dad said, 2 day before your mom went to coma she was telling me to buy a necklace for you but I told her that we dont have the money rite now and he said so I know for sure that that necklace you got was something that your mom wanted to give you. This jsut absoluty broke my heart I was so happy that I gave money to my friend. So my friend been going through very hard time this few days, I decided also to buy her food and just go to her house and just be there for her and talk to her comfort her, last night i was at her house friday night I was at her house till 5 am I knew she needed someone htere to talk to, she shared lots of strories with me especially about her mom. Cameron probably would probably say that this is totally something he would do. -Tatyana

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