The world is becoming a better place one little kind act at a time!

My family never knew Cameron, aside from a chance encounter here and there at Hyvee where he worked. I on the other hand know Cameron’s father quite well over 7 years of working with him. I do know he was wonderful because his family are some of the kinest, caring, giving people I have ever met. What a great way to carry on his memory through the Cameron Effect!

This past week my family helped to continue the legacy, and spread the Cameron Effect. We had such a wonderful time and the feeling of giving without return is indescribable. We began the week by delivering meals to two of my husband’s co-workers who just had surgery. I continued the week by giving a small christmas gift to warm the hearts of 2 nurses I work with from out of town outreach clinics I find “difficult” to communicate with. I have to say that one felt the best. I hope to have better future contact with them. I placed a $20 bill in 2 different Salvation Army buckets. No spare change this time! I paid for dinner for a dad and his little girl behind me in line at Subway one evening, I never saw the reaction, but my heart felt great!

Our office contributed from our annual charity fund to pay it forward to Cameron. I was one of the lucky chosen ones and was able to do ANYTHING I wanted. WOW. I was excited to continue on the giving, but had a mental block for a few days. I wanted to do something creative andreally special for someone, but not a conventional thing. Paul, Cameron’s dad told me at work one day “Something will just come” It did! I wanted to make someone’s day, not rich, not poor, someone who didn’t feel entitled, someone that wasn’t benefiting from the usual holiday charity. I chose to benefit the girls who pay it forward every day- they give of themselves in their job, many times thank-less, aside from the paycheck. Their jobs are physically, mentally, emotionally demanding, they get abused at times, dirty at others, yet much of the time go home feeling rewarded…….just like me- Nurses. I chose the night shift nurses and St. Elizabeth on the orthopaedic floor, the nurses that fly under the radar, not seeing lots of holiday cheer, as most people are asleep or cranky when they come into the picture. They take care of the same people I do. I bought them dinner and delivered it to them as they came to work. They were so surprised and happy. I told them the dinner was in loving memory of Cameron. What a great feeling! The perfect Cameron moment. I am sure he is smiling at all of these kind acts! Here’s to you, Cameron, the world is becoming a better place one little kind act at a time! – Niki

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