Cameron, I know you’re looking down smiling

I work with Paul, and was one of the 7 people given $25 to use for the cameroneffect. I really had a hard time deciding what to do! Finally I came up with the idea of getting 5 candy canes and had index cards with the cameroneffect stickers on them and wrote “Keep the random acts of kindness going”. I then took a ribbon with the card and attached $5 to them. My daughter was even excited seeing me do this, and telling me who she thought I should give them too. My husband and I were downtown Lincoln last night with some of the people he works with, and I was telling them about the cameroneffect. They had heard of the cameron effect but didnt know the whole story. They loved the candy canes, so I gave 3 to our friends to help me pass out. One said she was going home and making copies of my stickers and making more to hand out!! Another said she was keeping it until they go to Kansas City to hand out! I ended up giving one to a young couple on the street. Just to see there face, it was amazing how good you feel. The other I gave to the lady in the toll booth of the parking garage when we left. She had a long line, but as we pulled out seeing her keep looking at it made us smile. Cameron, I know you’re looking down smiling because your mom and dad have started something wonderful!!!! -Nanette Gokie

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