Cameron- your memory lives in the hearts of many

My day started out by taking school books to school for the neighbor girl when i saw them sitting on the counter at her house while visiting her mom so her Mom wouldn’t have to drive across town, then when I arrived at work an elderly lady was waiting to go out in the cold and pull her frosted over car up to the door so she could got o the doctor, so I went and got it for her and warmed it up, then later when she got back, I parked it for her so she wouldn’t have to walk up the hill from the parking lot. Later i went on a search for an elderly ladies coat that she though had been stolen,I was sure I could find it, and di, then delivered it to her and helped her mark it with her initials, A coworker was sad about her children arguing over personal matters so I sat with her and comforted her and helped her with ideas to try to get things solved, I gave clothes to a bunch of gals at work and at my kids school,I bought gifts for the daycare for my daughters classroom for Christmas, i emailed 3 peers to remind them to get on a conference call so they would not be in trouble for missing it, I delivered the ugliest sweatshirt for a friend who needed it, I helped this poor lady at Kohl’s who was struggling to get her 3 year old out from under a clothing rack, I prayed for those less fortunate to have a Merry Christmas! I try to live my life by daily doing things for others without being asked, it feels great to help others and to perform random acts of kindness- Cameron- your memory lives in the hearts of many and your folks are doing a great thing on your birthday by encouraging others to do kind acts!! –mother of 4



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