First I would like to express my sincere sympathy to Cameron’s family

To the Freeman Family, First I would like to express my sincere sympathy to Cameron’s family. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child. But what a lovely way to remember him! I believe that the spiritual connection between Cameron and his mother is alive and well. I can think of no other explanation for how she could have come up with such an extraordinary way to honor him on his birthday.I realize that I am late in getting this posted, but I have been thinking about it a lot. I was deeply touched by the story of Cameron’s life and death. He sounds like an incredible young man. I want his family to know that I was very committed in making a difference on December 7th to honor Cameron’s memory. I drive a city bus here in Lincoln, so I have many opportunities daily to perform acts of kindness or show compassion and it is, I believe, my nature to do so. However I really stepped it up on December 7th.

Here are the things that I did. First I washed and dried a couple of very nice nearly new winter coats and took them to the city mission. Next I purchase several brand new stocking caps and pairs of gloves to hand out to people on my bus who didn’t have any. Next I purchase seven $5.00 gift cards from fast food restaurants also to hand out to people on my bus. On December 7, I handed out these items to different people on my bus. There was a middle school boy who looked very cold waiting for the bus, so I asked him if he would like a cap and gloves. He accepted and was very grateful. I gave on gift card to a young women on my bus who is visually impaired because a car accident when she was a teenager. I told her Cameron’s story and she was deeply touched. She later shared with me that while she was waiting in line at the restaurant she overheard someone behind her who had lost his money, so instead of using the card for herself she gave it to that person. I also gave some to several people that I believe are homeless or at least on a very limited income. All were very grateful. I didn’t always explain the reason for the gift, but when I did people seemed truly touched. I also paid for the order of the person behind me in line at the convenience store. I also purchase a “Snuggle” blanket for a little boy who rides my bus with his father. They didn’t ride on the 7th, but I saw them several days later and delivered the gift. Again, they were both surprised and deeply touched by the gesture.

I posted the information about the website on my Face Book page and was pleased to see that several of my friends and family also posted on their FB page. I know that my daughter who lives in Omaha participated and encouraged her friends to do the same. I have already marked my calendar so I will remember to do it again next year. It was a very rewarding and meaningful experience01. I hope the Cameron Effect becomes a nation sensation and goes on for many years. –Marilyn K


Wow!First, to everyone let me say – THERE ARE NO TIME LIMITS WITH THIS MOVEMENT – FEEL FREE TO POST WHENEVER AND DO THE ACTS OF COMPASSION WHENEVER.I am so glad you shared with your blog, and what a difference your acts and thoughts and words made. What a neat ripple effect you started. I’m glad it made a difference for you.

And thank you for your sentiment that this become national and ongoing. That is our hope and prayer. –Cameron’s mom, Shelley

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