I hope this will change your point of view towards everyone

After reading this story I was astonished. This is a real wake-up call for me. I have chosen 12 commitments That I will do to help others. 1) I will tell my teachers how much they means to me everyday. And how much of a good job they do. 2) I will help my sister with her chores. She has it kind of rough. She’s stressed between Work, School, Chores, and her Boyfriend. I will tell my whole family how much I care. 3) I will not argue and I will do what my mom tells me so I don’t have to give her any more gray hairs 🙂 4) I will clean my mothers room to show her how much I care. She likes it when I suprise her with A clean home. 5) I will do my chores and clean my room without having to be asked. It makes it easier on my mom so she doesn’t have to keep reminding me every 5 minutes. 6) I will ask for permission before I do something. If I am denied I won’t worry about it because I might be able to do it some other time. 7) I won’t be mean to my enemies. Even though they might of hurt me in some way we all have to remember Forgive and Forget…8) I will be kind and caring to people that might not be as popular as others. They still matter, not by the style of their hair or the color of their shoes. Their old tennis shoes might not be as good as your new pair of Nike’s, Converse, or Jordan’s but you can still tell them how much they matter. People shouldn’t change the way they look just to be with the popular kids. 9) I will share with others. Even though I really don’t want them to see it or play with it I will try to accept the fact that I need to share. If what I have is special I will simply tell them how I feel. 10) I won’t expect to receive things when I give to others. 11) I will help the elderly in my neighborhood. They can’t get around as much I will help them carry groceries to their car. 12) Lastly I will say that I will Pick up any garbage. I hope this will change your point of view towards everyone. And Let Cameron Please Rest In Peace. R.I.P. -Megan <3

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