It sounded like an amazing idea

I was never fortunate enough to meet Cameron although I felt like I knew him because his father talked about him often. I attended the funeral and for the days that followed I had a feeling of sadness that I had never felt. I however continued on with my normal routines and plugged away at life the same way I had before. All the while this “cloud” seemed to linger overhead. I then heard about the “Cameron Effect” and thought it sounded like an amazing idea. I tried to plan the day accordingly but with the business of the day I lost sight for awhile. The afternoon hit and I went online to read the blogs of those who had participated. I was speechless. I immediately began brainstorming about what I could do for the rest of my day. I don’t know if I hit the 7 but I tried. I went home after work and noticed the cookies my wife had made, cookies my waistline sure didn’t need. I wrapped them up and took them to a local retirement home. I called a friend who has had a troubled past and left him a message telling him that I have been thinking about him and to call if he needs anything. The trash bag that was sitting at home for the past week to be filled with clothes to be donated finally started to get filled. I donated money to my church which I had been meaning to do for awhile and that night when my wife and I went out to eat at a local fast food restaraunt I gave my change to the next person in line. I felt good about myself. For the longest time I felt like the world was full of greedy and ugly people. Those feelings started to change. God bless you guys. You are continually in my prayers. -Anonymous

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