December 7th…The day that I had the privilege of meeting Connor’s parents

December 7th…
The day that I had the privilege of meeting Connor’s parents.
The Freemons came to our news station to discuss TCE. Following their interview on our 4:00 show, I had the pleasure of talking with Cameron’s parents. After I shared my sympathy with them, we got to discussing the entire concept of losing a loved one…it was very touching.We had a beautiful discussion about how we need to relearn to celebrate life, and not take one moment for granted. They unknowingly reminded me to take time out of each day to lend a helping hand – to be completely selfless.I was looking through Cameron’s pictures, and came across the one of him playing cello. I myself am a cellist, so found a special connection to that particular captured moment. Music and art is a way of self expression. The truth…is that artist or not, we’re all unique, and we all express it differently.

The next time you are driving in traffic, or shopping in a store, take a GOOD look around. You aren’t the only individual there – so stop acting like it!!!! The man driving behind you, or the biker on the bike path, or the couple in the grocery store…all exist in the same world you do, and breathe the same air you do. It may seem like an elementary concept – but the golden rule has somehow been long forgotten. If we could all take a minute to revisit that one concept, peace on earth would be palpable.

Doing good acts/deeds is necessary and rare, and can yet make all the difference in the world. BUT…simply being sensitive, aware and respectful to the people around you can do just as much good as going out of your way to help one person out.

There was a young gentleman once that stole a truck and drove under the influence. He was one of many people that live life in their own world, completely inconsiderate and unaffected by others around them. It was this very oblivion that took the life of Cameron.
My thoughts and prayers are with the Freemon family. I have been…Affected!
-Bailey West

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