Yesterday I woke thinking of Cameron…

My dear, dear sister; Yesterday I woke thinking of Cameron as I always do each day but also remembered “The Cameron Effect”. I really wanted to make this day special for him by doing 7 acts of kindness and tried to think of really super ways to do this. Strange but while eating supper, I rememered with sadness that I was so busy throughout the day that I didn’t do anything “special” as I wanted to do. Then Cameron came to me and made the suggestion that I review my day. He had been with me all along! My seven acts of kindness:
1. Transferred money to my son’s account for a special need;
2. Told a cashier I knew that I liked her new hair style (really did!);
3. Did not call my furnace repairman and scold him as I had wanted to for a repair that lasted only one year;
4. Gave my son a ride home from the car repair shop;
5. Encouraged my son on an upcoming (Wed.) important job interview;
6. Purchased an evening meal to help fund a “rider’s club” that helps people in need;
7. Tipped the waiter while I was eating so he would have enough money to pay for his meal.

As I retired for the evening, I knew Cameron had been by my side the entire day while I was doing my acts. I plan to continue each day with Cameron by my side — always in my thoughts; always in my prayers. I love all of you. -Sandi

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