It gave me a better outlook on life

I didnt exactly count my acts of kindness but today, I was just a nicer and more carefree and it really helped in situations. I was really upset about a situation with my apt complex and then cameron came to m mind and i thought, this is silly to be so upset about. So I moved on. I studied for my final. Got a B. Called up some old friends that I had been meaning to talk to for awhile. I listened to a friend when she needed someone to talk to. Overall, today was a really good day and it just gave me a better outlook on life and for that, I thank you. I thank you for thinking of your son in this way and bringing everyone together and sharing this message. I didnt know Cameron well, but he was just a year younger then me at East so I did know who he was and it breaks me out. Ive lost friends tragically and its the worst feeling in the world.So I pray for you, the rest of his family, and all his friends.

May he rest in peace and may days like today continue. -Bc


I also have learned since Cameron’s passing to “just let it go” on the smaller disturbances of life. It truly does lighten the load. His family and friends thank you dearly for the prayers. -Cameron’s mom, Shelley

Wednesday, December 08, 2010, 09:05:12



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