I am so sorry for the death of your beautiful son.

I think that Cameron sounded like a very neat young man. I loved your response of trying to do small acts of kindness. I brought in the garbage can, bought a sandwich as a surprise for my partner, left a note for my partner and for my office mate, took care of a business detail that I would normally have let him do, was very careful wth my daughter and returned a late night call to my mother. Today I did these things thinking of your son. I tried to think about just being nice. Doing what is helpful. Doing things that are useful and ease the path of others. I did not have a chance to do a lot with strangers, but found it powerful to even do acts of kindness for those I love. –Mary Werner



A wonderful frame of mind you had, I’m glad Cameron was part of it. –Shelley


Wednesday, December 08, 2010, 09:15:14

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