Up until this afternoon I had never heard of Cameron

Up until this afternoon I had never heard of Cameron. I picked the link up from a friend the that works at Wesleyan. This young man touched many people’s hearts – in his death, they follow his lead. My seven acts of kindness: I told a complete stranger they were beautiful; inside and out, I donated books to a charity for children, I said ‘good morning’ to everyone I passed, I told fellow co-workers how much I appreciate them, I took out my neighbors trash, stopped the elevator doors from closing so more people could get on, and my last act is…I sincerely hope that some day Cameron’s family can heal their hearts and souls. I am so sorry for your loss. –Sheri Kearney, Creighton University


Thank you so much. The variety of ways this is spreading is so amazing. Your well wishes are much appreciated. -Cameron’s mom, Shelley

Wednesday, December 08, 2010, 09:20:33

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