I’ve been in his presence enough to know

I personally have never met Cameron, but I’ve been in his presence enough to know him to be the archetype of a good person. Regardless of not knowing him personally, I felt the reverberations of his loss not only through our mutual friends, but also in my own person – it was far too surreal learning he was gone when I had just been around him weeks prior.For this reason then, I made it a point to engage in random acts of kindness all throughout my day. Whether it was simply giving a smile to a passerby; holding the door open for a stranger; going out of my way at work to ensure all my clients’ needs were fulfilled; or the volunteering of my campus parking pass to a friend, I sought to make sure that I fulfilled the “Cameron Effect” somehow. It was fulfilling for me – not only for the sake of Cameron, his family, and our friends, but also in the sense of the positive effects I could have had on those I was kind towards today. And based on the positive vibes I’ve always associated with Cameron’s presence, I get the impression that he would agree that you shouldn’t ever have a motive to be kind – you should just act that way all of the time.
Tuesday, December 07, 2010, 20:27:24
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