Thank you for reminding us that kindness matters.

Sandy, NE
Cameron is easy to love. I have always believed that some people are the “good guys” and inspire all of us to do better. Cameron’s story certainly does inspire and uplift in a world that needs just that. When my husband and I taught in St. Paul, the two-year-old son of our dear friends died suddenly from silent pneumonia. When attending his service, the minister told all of us that Mikey had died too soon…the world would never know what he had to give. So he admonished all of us to do a little more in our lives, just for Mikey. I have always believed that, and tried to do just that, just as I will always remember the Cameron Effect and try to incorporate it wherever I can, not just on December 7th, but starting that day. I’m forever telling my children to “be kind…everyone you meet is fighting a battle.” In today’s Journal Star, an article said that whether we go, or whether we stay, God is always there. I know that you will always stay in the shadows of Cameron’s death, but also in the light of his being. God is with you every step of the way. I am on my way to the local grocery to purchase 7 gift certificates to be distributed by the Action Center in town to people who wouldn’t always be the ones you want to help. They need Cameron’s love and compassion even more than most people. Thank you for reminding us that kindness matters.
Tuesday, December 07, 2010, 14:53:10
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