I was grateful knowing that behind that anger was a passion for justice

Cameron’s mom
As Cameron’s mother, I understand and appreciate the angry comments that people wrote about the young man whose actions took my sons life. I was grateful knowing that behind that anger was a passion for justice and a sorrow for a precious life destroyed. Cameron was, of course, at times an angry young man here on earth, especially toward injustices toward the less fortunate. When my son died, I perceived such a sense of intense love flow from the memory of Cameron. It appeared that he transitioned into his essence, which was one of love, empathy, and concern for the suffering of others. I felt surrounded by love as I had earlier been surrounded by his loving arms. But the energy of the angry comments interrupted these powerful, healing emotions. So I thought Cameron might want the downbeat emotions to be redirected.
Cameron often got frustrated and sad because he felt so powerless in the face of world problems. I think he would be ever so honored if his death became the catalyst for change – for kindness & compassion as the new response. He was born on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7 – a day of violence and anger that lives on in infamy. Let his death symbolize the opposite, a day of love, compassion and forgiveness. Perhaps this movement can start a new, more positive remembrance for that day – the Cameron Effect Day.
So let the Cameron Effect be a call to action in the name of change. On December 7, be courageous and complete 7 acts or thoughts of compassion and forgiveness. Perhaps not just for our neighbors, for that is easy since they are likely a lot like us, but also for someone we find it difficult to show good feelings toward. Expand your comfort zone. And afterward, share how those actions changed you or your world. Help Cameron finish the work he had intended – to change the world!
The Cameron Effect.
Sunday, December 05, 2010, 16:05:01
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