I think it has given me back some purpose

I lost my sister on August , 12, 2012. I have been in a state on unbelievable depression. I read this story and I think it has given me back some purpose. I sent a Gift Bag to the 5 Floor Nurses station. They were so very good to us. My sister’s Respiratory therapists, CNA’s attached a note to anyone who took care of my sister and her family. I put chocolate covered cherries, andie’s mints, werther’s candies, tootsie rolls, and chocolate turtles…. I know not so healthy but everybody needs a treat once in a while. The custodial lady, was so kind he took they young children up to see the helicopter and meet the pilots. The small ones were so excited, not much to do on a hospital ward for children. That proved to be a move a pure magic. So I made a smaller version of the treat bag for her as well. Didn’t ask for names just explained who they were and they said they would get them to her. Last but not least I donated 150.00 to the Pastor who served us at the celebration of life for my sister. Monday August 27. He was very thoughtful , I was told by many people that it was beautiful. There were so many angels that gave food donations and services. I have definitely received my 7 acts. Thank you so much,
-Karen Svehla–Lincoln Ne.

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  1. sfreeman

    Oh Karen, I am so sorry for your loss. If this compassion movement has helped you deal with such pain, I am very grateful. You have done such nice things, I’m sure they were appreciated. I hope you know about Mourning Hope for the children involved. I send my warmest thoughts to you in this dark time. I hope you find comfort and feel your sister’s spirit in sharing your love through giving.


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