I want you to know how powerful and positive this is

I am a friend and Alpha Phi sister of your niece Kelli. Last night we were together for an Alpha Phi event, and I shared with her about an Alpha Phi sister of mine from college whose 4 month old son died unexpectedly two weeks ago. I told her that women from my Alpha Phi chapter were collecting money for a group memorial. As I got ready to leave, Kelli handed me a generous check for my friend and said it was because of the Cameron Effect. She said she had been thinking all day about what her first Act of Kindness should be for the Cameron Effect this fall, and that she wanted our sorority sister she doesn’t know to be her first recipient. Immediately I had goosebumps and tears in my eyes – touched doesn’t even come close to explaining how amazing that is. All because of your movement to honor your son. I vividly recall Kelli sharing with me about Cameron’s passing shortly after it happened, the events following and then later about the Cameron Effect you started. I participated from a far last year and have kept Kelli and your family in my thoughts. Last night we talked a lot about Cameron and your amazing movement in his honor. Now his legacy gets to help my friend and her family grieving. I want you to know how powerful and positive this is. I am committed to sharing the Cameron Effect with others and walking the talk by doing my 7 acts of kindness. – Allison Rickels

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