A gesture inspired by the Cameron Effect

I took some of my Christmas presents and extra things around my house that I did not need to the friendship home. –Guest Monday, December 27, 2010, 15:57:55 Comment: Such a lovely gesture. And for people who are really in need of acts of kindness. Blessings. –Cameron’s mom, Shelley Monday, December 27, 2010, 22:13:50 – Like – Reply

Have a blessed and merry Christmas

Missing my Dad on this Christmas Eve. And, even though I didn’t know him, missing Cameron too. Haven’t had any “visits” lately (not that I’ve noticed anyway). I do however, occasionally get my wink. It’s so comforting.To the Freeman family: Have a blessed and merry Christmas. –Wendy Comment: Wishing you and everyone a peaceful Christmas. … [Read more…]


CAMERON’S GIFT I wake at night often. Usually my heart is racing and my soul is stirred. The last 3 nights when the muddle wakes me I have opened my eyes and look to the heavens. I have a sense to take a full breath and slow my soul. I feel the stillness of the … [Read more…]

Thanks Cam Merry Christmas to You in Heaven

There are five things that you cannot recover in life: (1) The Stone………..after it’s thrown, (2) The Word……..…….after it’s said, (3) The Occasion……after it’s missed, and (4) The Time………….after it’s gone. (5) A person……………after they die Just wanted to share this with you I almost missed my Occasion then I saw this saying and Now … [Read more…]

My 7 acts of kindness

1. put recycling by house 2. fed my dogs 3. said something nice to my sister who I don’t really like 4. got drinks for everyone at dinner 5. asked someone how they were today 6. got my sister a drink after dinner 7. found my sisters DS which she couldn’t find -Jsalem comments:  Thank … [Read more…]