Thanksgiving Kindness

A few days before Thanksgiving my dad read in the paper that the Salvation Army was way short on their family meal boxes. The next day he called them and found out what they needed. Dad said he wanted to pick two food things and buy them all. So after mom and dad talked about … [Read more…]

Helping the Homeless

I was putting my money in the Salvation Army red bucket. People get to get stuff if they don’t have Christmas and I feel really bad for the homeless people and the Salvation Army will help the homeless people who don’t have Christmas. My teacher gave me the $5.00 for the Cameron Effect. I’m sorry … [Read more…]

Thank you Cameron Effect

Fletcher and I went and bought a Christmas present for Jenny at Target. Fletcher is my cousin and Jenny is my Aunt and Fletcher’s mom. My Aunt Jenny is expecting another baby. It’s going to be a girl. But Fletcher did not have enough money to buy her a nice Christmas present. So we kicked … [Read more…]