A week of kindness

Well lets see.. over the past week or so i have been chauffeur for my boss off the clock without pay because she can’t drive her car, driving her home from work every night. I even went to the grocery store with her so she could pick up groceries for the house on Thursday. I … [Read more…]

Random acts of kindness

I came across this article on the internet last night about the increase in random acts of kindness. http://shine.yahoo.com/work-money/random-acts-kindness-rise-real-secret-santas-pay-212100965.html I was disappointed that the Cameron Effect was not included–perhaps next year! -Sharon Goff

Sharing Cameron’s love

Sharing Cameron’s love: I scraped the snow and ice off of my roommates cars. I paid for my friends gas when she had no money. I helped my little brother study for his spelling test. I donated money to my works charity fund. I helped a classmate with her homework. My dad and I on … [Read more…]