It is so heartwarming to read everyone’s postings

Here is another amazing news article: One of the benefactors in the above article was a woman who recently lost her husband and she was doing these acts of kindness in his memory. Makes me think she might have gotten the inspiration from the article on the Cameron Effect in the Woman’s World Magazine! It … [Read more…]

It truly lifts my spirit!

Shelley, Paul & Zach, Whenever I see someone doing an act of kindness, I am reminded of your website and the amazing acts of kindnesses posted! I try to do something kind to someone each day if at all possible. It truly lifts my spirit!  -Sandi

Forgiveness is healthy

Everything happens for a reason and things in life can be hurtful. Those hurtful things can make us bitter and have a hateful lookout on life. To have forgiveness is healthy and makes you a better person. It’s hard to forgive but we should, so the hate doesn’t eat you inside. Turn hate into something … [Read more…]